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Corona Chaos

The Coronavirus pandemic, also called COVID-19, turned the world upside down in March of 2020. Life as we know it in modern times changed drastically and came to a screeching halt almost overnight. Those of us in the wedding industry were among the businesses hit the hardest. With early suggestions that turned into local government orders not to gather in groups larger than 10 people, weddings planned for months had to be postponed or cancelled at the last minute. Planners and vendors were scrambling to make accommodations for distraught brides and disappointed couples. So much time and money has been lost that can never be recovered.

As rough as its been for wedding vendors to manage the financial impacts of the situation, we can not help but to feel sorry for our very important clients. In most cases, we've been working closely with couples planning their dream wedding for many months leading up to their big day, so there is a bound created that surpasses the client/vendor relationship. We are all looking for ways to ease the pain of delayed dreams and keep our loving couples engaged in the wedding process. For that reason, I'd like to share some fun ideas to celebrate your original wedding date for those who had to postpone or cancel the most important day of their lives.

1) Exchange love letters to each other to keep the excitement of your big day in the forefront. Tell your intended how you feel without giving any hints of your vows.

2) Ask your wedding photographer to do a mini photo session with wedding day props. You can use those pictures to place around the room during the reception when it later occurs.

3) Order a small wedding cake or cupcakes from your cake designer. This way you can have your cake and eat it too.

4) Organize a car parade and ask a few of your local guests to drive by and honk in the name of love to show their support for you. Everyone needs a reason to celebrate right now.

5) Mix up your signature cocktail and toast each other with well wishes and dreams for your future together. If you don't have one, reach out to me at In the Mix for a special love potion created just for you.

6) Let LeMaster Events & Travel host a virtual happy hour for you and your wedding party. Everyone can enjoy their favorite cocktail or you can share the recipe for your signature drink while you socialize with the ones closest to you. Add appetizers and a DJ to maximize the fun.

As always, LeMaster Events & Travel is available to create a magical experience for you. Remember a pause is not a period and true love will not be denied. I'm wishing many years of happiness for all couples enduring the pandemic and the most fantastic wedding day possible when it does finally happen.

Charisse L.

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